My SkinFitness Complexion Booster

My SkinFitness Complexion Booster

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For all skin types.

My SkinFitness skin brightening serum is enriched with seaweed and Mujonso, vitamins and other natural ingredients that help to createa youthful and radiant complexion.

This skin brightening serum's ingredients are scientifically proven backed up with clinical studies. Daily use of My SkinFitness Complexion Booster helps to brighten skinand helps make skin firmer, smooth and optimally moisturized.


After using cleanser and toner, apply 10-15 drops of My Skinfitness Complexion Booster onto the palm of the hands. Spread evenly onto face and neck. Allow few seconds to dry followed by moisturiser.


Aqua*, Laminaria (Algae) extract, Vernonia amygdalina¹, Acetyl hexapeptide-1², Glycine soja (Soybean) Phytoplacenta extract, Magnolia grandiflora bark extract, Beta vulgaris (Beet) root extract, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Angelica archangelica (Angelica) powder**, Arnica montana( Arnica) flower powder**, Calendula officinalis (Calendula) flower powder**, Matricaria recutita (Chamomile) flower powder**, Sambucus nigra(Elderflower) flower powder**, Zingiber officinalis (Ginger) root powder**, Panax quinquefolium (Ginseng) root powder**, Lonicera japonica (Honeysuckle) powder**, Humulus lupulus (Hops) powder**, Equisetum hyemale (Horsetail) powder**, Juniperus communis (Juniper) fruit  powder**, Lavandul aangustifolia(Lavender) flower powder**, Melissa officinalis (Lemon balm) leaf powder**, Urtica dioica (Nettle) powder**, Centella asiatica (Pennywort) powder**, Menthapiperita  (Peppermint) leaf powder**, Rosemarinus officinalis (Rosemary) powder**, Salvia officinalis (Sage) powder**, Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s wort) powder**, Curcuma longa (Turmeric) root powder**, Hamamelis virginiana (Witch hazel) powder**, Archillea millefolium (Yarrow) powder**, Bellis perennis (Daisy) flower extract, Niacin (Vitamin B3), Petitgrain oil, Sweet orange oil, Lemon oil, Caprylhydroxamatic acid (amino acid) (and) Glyceryl caprylate³.

*Mnt. Everest water (and) Coconut water. ¹Mujonso Extract. ²Botox similar' derived from soybean. ³Antioxidants (coconut derived acting as natural preservative). ˚Linalool, ˚Limonene, ˚Citronellol. (˚occur naturally in essential oils). **LevensESSENTIE Gold from 22 organic herbs